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A message from the Comprehensive Cancer Control National Partnership… 

The Comprehensive Cancer Control National Partnership (CCCNP) is grateful to those of you who have refocused your work as public health experts and healthcare providers to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic in your communities. We know that many of you and your partners may be personally impacted as well. We are keeping you in our thoughts. We encourage you to continue to look at ways to carry on with your cancer control efforts by communicating with your partners, sharing resources for cancer patients, survivors and caretakers, and sharing problems and solutions with each other.

Towards that end, the CCCNP would like to provide you with new opportunities and tools to help you in your work.

The CCCNP hosts a check-in by Zoom for CCC coalitions and programs, every third Tuesday at 4pm ET. These are short, approximately 30 minutes and are open to all CCC coalition members and program staff.

The purpose of these check-ins is to offer the opportunity for CCC coalitions to share with each other their questions and solutions related to sustaining coalitions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on CCC program and coalition member feedback, potential topics include:

  • Integrating cancer prevention messages with messages about staying safe during the epidemic
  • How to address cancer screening, now and in the future, when restrictions are lifted
  • How to shift focus and keep momentum going with your CCC coalition
  • Information on research studies related to cancer and COVID-19
  • Resources your coalition members can use for cancer patients, caregivers and survivors – from messaging for patients to potential funding resources for organizations

To find out more information such as dates and how to participate in these meetings, please visit:

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