American Indian Partners

Cancer presents a significant burden to American Indians throughout Montana. From 2009 – 2013, cancer was the second leading cause of death among Montana American Indians.

On average, there are 262 newly-diagnosed cancers and 80 cancer deaths each year among Montana American Indians.

The high prevalence of commercial tobacco use and obesity along with limited access to preventative healthcare and treatment contribute greatly to the cancer burden among Montana American Indians.

To address disparities among American Indians, the leadership of the Montana Cancer Coalition and the Montana American Indian Women’s Health Coalition (MAIWHC) collaborate on goals and strategies relevant to the needs of all Montana populations.

The partnership between MTCC, MAIWHC and other American Indian-focused organizations and groups is vital to addressing the burden of cancer across Montana, cultivating conversation within the MTCC and maintaining a strong American Indian voice.


View the Montana American Indian Women’s Health Coalition (MAIWHC) 5-year plan

Members of MAIWHC began work on the development of an American Indian focused, five-year Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan in 2015 to serve as a companion document to the State of Montana Comprehensive Cancer Control (CCC) five-year statewide plan. The same overarching objectives and goals are utilized by MAIWHC as in the CCC Plan. Strategies were developed to address these objectives geared to the American Indian population to address cancer-related health disparities within Montana’s American Indian communities.

To view/download the MAIWHC 5 Year Plan, please click here.