MAIWHC Leadership

PRESIDENT: Alona Jarmin – Mountain Pacific Quality Health Foundation

 Alona is a Quality Improvement Specialist with Mountain Pacific Quality Health. She is a licensed Registered Nurse (RN) with her Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Case Manager Certified (CMC), as well as Managed Care Nurse Certification (CMCN). Alona has 18 years of experience in healthcare, and has spent much of her career working with Indian Health Service. She is honored to work with the Indian Health Service project and enjoys working on healthcare policy and procedures, nursing competencies and improving outcomes with evidence based driven research. 

Email Alona at [email protected] or 406-594-0217

VICE-PRESIDENT: Katelin Conway, MBA, MPH – Mountain Pacific Quality Health Foundation – Quality and Community Engagement Specialist

Katelin is a quality and community engagement specialist at Mountain-Pacific Quality Health. Katelin is a descendant of the Blackfeet Tribe and has resided on the Blackfeet Reservation nearly all of her life. Katelin earned two master’s degrees from the University of Montana in Business Administration and Public Health. She also earned her baccalaureate degree from Arizona State University in management and lifetime spent working, living and progressing the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. Katelin currently works with the Blackfeet Community Hospital and the Fort Belknap Service Unit on the Partnership to Advance Tribal Health (PATH). Katelin has a wealth of knowledge and experience in project management and quality.

Email Katelin at: [email protected]

SECRETARY: Cherith Smith – All Nations Health Center